READMORE BOOKS silkscreen print **PRE-ORDER**:
Our newest storefront print is (finally) a bookshop, complete with an outdoor newsstand packed with weird llittle periodicals! (Tag yourself-- I'm "BUG.") This one is a must-have; Buy one and hang it up next to your copy of "PIZZA PIE" or "LOVE RECORDS" and let it class up the neighborhood a little! [18x24"]  ......$25


DUMB AS HELL sweatshirt **PRE-ORDER**:
Dumb Duck is BACK and DUMBER THAN EVER PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT, and he's back on a sweatshirt as well! Our dumbest effort yet! Snatch one while you can! This sweatshirt is comfy and OVERSIZED, so please refer to the size chart (we've found that it runs at least a half-size bigger than usual)!  ......$45


THIS, if you didn't already know, is Treats Boy. HE IS ABSOLUTELY **THRIVING** IN THE TREATS-BASED ECONOMY IN WHICH WE ALL LIVE. He is innovating and disrupting in the treats space. I heard that he invented dipping your Wendy's fries into a chocolate Frosty. He likes treats! Anyway, it;s a shirt.  ......$30


YES, you read that right-- This is a TOY! The Little Friends of Printmaking are now also The Little Friends of Toymaking (you know, kind of like Santa's elves)!!! It's COFFEE CAT, but now in three dimensions! Put him on your desk, stick him in your pocket, hurl him at oncoming traffic (maybe not this one), make him play with your Sylvanian Faimily figures (he can be the wacky neighbor, I guess?). It's a TOY it's a TOY it's a TOY! We're very excited.   ......$20


BODY silkscreen print **PRE-ORDER**:
"BODY" is back, this time as a regular silkscreen print at the normal NICE PRICE. Look, the monoprint version of "BODY" was WONDERFUL and all, but who wants to deal with all that swirling and marbling and stuff? Why, you could BARELY even see it underneath the purple pearlescent organs and the skeleton (which is a cream-to yellow split fountain gradient running the full height of the print)! This has all of that stuff, too, and for just 25 bucks! [18x24"]  ......$25


VAMPIRE CAT enamel pin **PRE-ORDER**:
IT'S A CAT, IT'S A VAMPIRE, It's a vampire cat! This is the enamel cat pin for the ooky-spooky cat fanciers among you, who sing "Bela Lugosi's Dead" to their beloved pussycat and read Anne Rice aloud to them at night. OR, alternatively, IT CAN BE FOR VERY NORMAL PEOPLE AS WELL!. Normal people will also like it, because it is cute.  ......$10


LOG OFF embroidered patch **PRE-ORDER**:
RIGHT NOW would be a pretty good time to get off the computer, put the phone in a drawer, throw the tablet down a well and TOUCH GRASS, as the most annoying people on the internet like to say to each other. YES, it would be SUCH a good time, if you weren't busy byung the patch for yourself. MAYBE LATER! ......$8


LITTLE STINKER embroidered patch **PRE-ORDER**:
Skunks are so cute and fun to draw (and the whole stinky skunk smell thing is comedy gold), but they also spray the living heck out of our little old toothless dog and generally act like little striped JERKS. Which makes them the perfect subject for this patch about being a little stinker, I guess! ......$8


MISTER PENCIL embroidered patch **PRE-ORDER**:
Sometimes you have an idea so DUMB and OBVIOUS that it won't leave your brain. You're so SURE that somebody, somewhere already did it, and then after a night of furious googling (which is mostly useless nowadays [unless you want to buy crypto from an AI ape]), you're suitably convinced and then it's time for you to make a MISTER PENCIL patch where the tip of his pencil is drawing the embroidered outline of the patch (and also there's a little gap where he hasn't finished drawing it yet)!  Anyway, that's the creative process, hope you enjoyed it! ......$8


TREATS BOY silkscreen print **PRE-ORDER**:
THIS, if you didn't already know, is Treats Boy. HE IS ABSOLUTELY **THRIVING** IN THE TREATS-BASED ECONOMY IN WHICH WE ALL LIVE. He is innovating and disrupting in the treats space. I heard that he invented dipping your Wendy's fries into a chocolate Frosty. Yes, that was him! And now he's immortalized in a wild four-color silkscreen print! [18x24"]  ......$25


IT'S BACK! We got all your letters, and we weren't just patronizing and ignoring you whenever you asked us in person to bring back our classic CALIFORNIA HOT DOG shirt. We HEARD YOU! And so, here it is, with improved artwork (I couldn't help myself), looking utterly resplendent on a vintage yellow tee. Vroom Vroom! ......$30


I'M DUMB embroidered keychain **PRE-ORDER**:
WE ARE SO PSYCHED ON THIS ITEM, WE CAN'T HANDLE IT! It's a double-sided embroidered keychain, featuring America's Dumbest Duck, DUMB DUCK. It looks so good, it's sickening! Put DUMB DUCK in charge of your house keys, we dare you!   ......$15


COFFEE CAT silkscreen print **PRE-ORDER**:
COFFEE CAT is now a print! Maybe you already have a Coffee Cat pin, or athe new Coffee Cat toy (see below), or maybe you recognize hime because you saw him wandering through our "LOVE RECORDS" print. REGARDLESS! Here he is , on his very own print, looking cute. Is this the beginning of a series of 8x10" prints based on favorite Little Friends characters? YES! [8x10"]  ......$25


DOG silkscreen print **PRE-ORDER**:
"DOG" is BACK, in a handy 8x10" size and without all of that fussy and *VERY EXPENSIVE* monoprint swirling! This one is just a regular silkscreen print-- What you see is what you get and HEY, isn't that just a relief? There's no guessing, no wondering how yours will be different, just a cute dog that looks like the picture! (No offense to monoprints, which are exciting in their own way. They're good, too. Scroll further down to check them out!) [8x10"]  ......$25


Here's something neat-- It's a fun new update of our classic (and long sold out) "ILLUSTRATOR" pin with ALL-NEW artwork and lots of colors! Why it just makes you want to bust out the pencils and paper and start in on a drawing! (Now, if only this weren't my JOB, it'd seem a lot more fun. The pin helps, though!)  ......$10


CAMERA CAT enamel pin **PRE-ORDER**:
IT'S A CAT, IT'S A VAMPIRE, It's a vampire cat! This is the cat pin for the spookier cat fancier, who sings "Bela Lugosi's Dead" to their beloved pussycat and reads Anne Rice aloud to them at night. OR, IT CAN BE FOR VERY NORMAL PEOPLE ALSO!. They will also like it, because it's cute.  ......$10


LOG OFF sticker **PRE-ORDER**:
We don't really DO stickers, but it feels crazy to make a design about logging off the computer, and not offer it as a heavy-duty vinyl sticker version to slap on your laptop! Log off! ......$3


DELUXE ASTROCAT embroidered patch **PRE-ORDER**:
We've sold tons of the old "ASTROCAT" patch over the years-- And while I appreciate your support (and the money, ofc), I never really liked how it looked! So here, at long last, is a DELUXE version of the "ASTROCAT" patch, which is BIGGER, with MORE NORMAL COLORS, MORE DETAIL, and NICER MATERIALS! This is how it always should have been! It looks so good-- Why on earth did we ever wait?!  ......$8


otherwise known as JW & Melissa Buchanan, the award-winning illustrators and renowned silkscreen artists (and poster designers and art directors and writers and printmaking lecturers and etc.) based in Los Angeles, CA. Pleased to meet you!
Here on this page, you'll find lots of fun things we've designed for ourselves, but were you aware that we can also design things for YOU? I know, right? We've worked with clients like Disney, Warner Bros., The Sierra Club, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Feeling inspired? Email our studio at:
FIRST CLASS LETTER silkscreen print:
MAIL CALL! (It's for you.) Here's a giant first class letter with its lovely red and blue border, shipped airmail direct to you, just covered with colorful and fanciful stamps (or our own creation, but please don't tell the U.S. Postal Service, they get very touchy about these things). If getting mail makes you feel good, then buy this and get ready for something especially fun in your mailbox!  [18" x 24"]  ......$20

LITTLE MUSIC silkscreen print:
If you LOVE music, but just a little, then this is your print! Here's "LITTLE MUSIC," our latest 8x10" mini-storefront print, a CUTE LITTLE records shop for bugs and mice and little strawberry men that specializes in 7" singles (because they're small, duh). This fits neatly next to "TINY COFFEE," or not neatly but more thematically interestingly with the full-sized 18x24" "LOVE RECORDS" print. Or heck, just by all three, they're only $20! This isn't rocket science here! [8x10"]  ......$20

SOUVENIR CAT silkscreen print:
Made for the BRIC-A-BRAC exhibition at Gallery Nucleus Portland, this is our loving tribute to Californian and Mexican souvenir pottery! If you love weird little decorative motifs painted all over an objet d' art, let this cool new print be your gateway into a new obsession! [8" x 10"]  ......$20

BANANA silkscreen print:
If you LOVE our "BANANA" monoprint (scroll down to see it below), but you HATE wild monoprint swirls, flocked fuzzy spiders, and 18x24" bigness, then perhaps TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! We've made a smaller, cheaper version of "BANANA" without all of the bells and whistles (okay, it's got SOME bells and whistles, that's just going to happen occasionally) that's available at our regular NICE PRICE. Appealing, no? [8x10"]  ......$20

BLACK CAT 8x10" silkscreen print:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PRINT WITH A BLACK CAT'S FACE ON IT that's SMALLER than the other one (on which it's based)! You've all been asking for a tiny version of our "BLACK CAT" print, and we finally listened to you! It's almost like we don't like making money, honestly!
[8x10"]  ......$20

EASY READER silkscreen print:
Made for the LOS ANGELES TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS, here's a familiar and favorite old design, livened up with some absolutely SHOCKINGLY GLITTERY GOLD INK.  [8" x 10"]  ......$20

EVERYTHING IS WRONG silkscreen print:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PRINT WHERE EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY WRONG! Does it remind you of your life? ME TOO!
[18x24"]  ......$20

RECORDS t-shirt :

I'M DUMB 2023 t-shirt:
HI FOLKS, we've released all of our new SDCC items online, including THIS T-SHIRT WITH A DUMB DUCK ON IT! Is he EVEN DUMBER than last year? YOU BET! Shake hands with danger! Printed BIG on Next Level tees with nice, soft waterbased inks!   ......$30

CYCLE CAT silkscreen print:
ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ! Our ever-popular "Cycle Cat" design is now available as a screenprint! A favorite at this year's Renegade Craft Fair, equally good for cyclists and tuxedo-cat-enthusiasts alike. (And for the mythical, elusive cycling tuxedo-cat-enthusiast, it's a mind-shattering must-have revelation!!!) FOR A LIMITED TIME, "CYCLE CAT" is available in FIVE delicious fruity flavors I mean colors! Pick your favorite! Or, get them all!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

HELLO, DARLING silkscreen print:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PRINT WITH A MAGICAL SPACE GIRL IN A TIGER-STRIPED BIKINI! Did you see it in Spoke Art's ANIME IN L.A. show? Then come on and get it!
[18x24"]  ......$20

TWO CATS silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS MONOPRINT WITH SWIRLY, MARBLED CATS, which are now GREEN, not blue! Meow meow meow!
[18" x 24"]  ......$60

I'M DUMB embroidered patch:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PATCH OF A VERY DUMB DUCK! He just gets dumber and dumber every year, just like the rest of us!   ......$8

SHUT UP embroidered patch:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PATCH OF A SAD AND ANNOYED TIGER who is begging for your kindness!   ......$8

TINY COFFEE silkscreen print:
Want a cup of coffee? Oh, you just want a LITTLE coffee? Well, then follow me to TINY COFFEE, a TEENY-TINY coffee shop frequented by cute little mice and ladybugs. Just down the street from PIZZA PIE and LOVE RECORDS, TINY COFFEE is a brand new Little Friends storefront print at a teeny-tiny 8x10" size and absolutely STUFFED with little details. [8x10"]  ......$20

I'M DUMB silkscreen print:
Feeling dumb? Maybe you feel like the whole world is laughing and you're just not in on the joke? Or, like Dumb Duck above, maybe you aspire to a cheerful, zen-like level of blissful ignorance? Is this entire line of questioning just TOO COMPLICATED? Can you not DEAL with the implications right now? Well, I can relate, brother! Hang this one up by your desk and just ZONE OUT. Set those expecatations somewhere around THE FLOOR. Let yourself off the hook for a second and enjoy yourself (and this print). [8x10"]  ......$20

PIZZA PIE silkscreen print:
As a wise philosopher once said, "Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime. When pizza's on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime." As true today as when those words were first written. And NOW there's a Little Friends storefront print for all the pizza afficianados, if they can peel their eyes away from shimmering oil on their cupped pepperonis and just LOOK. You've tried the rest, now try the... Well, you get the idea. [18x24"]  ......$20

BRICK WALL silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
WHO WANTS TO STARE AT A BRICK WALL ALL DAY? Well, THAT DEPENDS, doesn't it? If it's "BRICK WALL," the cool monoprint pictured above with it's swirling monoprint effects and a teeny tiny cat peeking over the top, then YES, I do, and maybe you will, too. *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 24"]  ......$60

PATTERN 1 silkscreen print:
"PATTERN 1" is the print that answers the question, "What if Alexander Girard had gotten really into Pokemon cards instead of Mesoamerican Folk Art? So now you know how that would have gone (see above). Just as BIG and FUN as "PATTERN 2," but it's a REGULAR silkscreen print without MONOPRINT TRICKERY and so it's at a special NICE PRICE, just for you! *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[24" x 24"]  ......$40

HEY! Did you miss out on our "PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST EN REPOSE" print during our recent exhibition, SILKSCREEN IS EASY? Well, you most likely DID, (even if you didn't know it) because it's already been sold out for a long time now! *But don't despair! This special monoprint is BACK in a smaller size, with all of the same swirly monoprint action, split-fountain madness, and wild bootleg energy of the first print. Get one! *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 18"]  ......$50

BOOKSHELF silkscreen print:
HEY! Check out this new print we made with the students at Syracuse University during our visit there! Not bad, right? Peruse our bookshelf, why don't you? I've heard that a person's knick-nacks and tchotchkes are a window into the innermost workings of their brain. If that's true, then please don't judge us too harshly. We mean well.
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

SILKSCREEN CAT silkscreen print:
SO: It's a CAT, and he's doing SILKSCREEN... Why, it MUST be "SILKSCREEN CAT!" A new little 8x10" print for all the silkscreen lovers out there (you know who you are), with a red-to-goldenrod split-fountain gradient and pearly black ink! Looks great hung up over the press!
[8X10"]  ......$20

BRAIN 1 silkscreen print:
BLEEP BLOP BLEEP ZAP KA-CHUNK! Here's "BRAIN 1," a tiny peek into Melissa's brain and how it works. Please don't mess with her settings! Her brain is a very delicate instrument. If this is ALSO how YOUR brain works, or you just like the whole 1960s vibe, then by all means buy this print! [18x24"]  ......$20

BAD LUCK long-sleeved shirt:
Our classic BAD LUCK shirts are BACK, but this time as a long-sleeved tee with ALL-NEW ARTWORK on the front, back and both sleeves! Our unlucky black cat now has an eyepatch (he's had a rough couple of years, but who hasn't? I can certainly relate), there's cats all down the sleeve, and enough bad luck symbols on the back to cancel each other out and become a GOOD LUCK totem instead. Soft black printing on dark gray cotton-- being unlucky has never looked so good! ......$45

PAPA BEAR silkscreen print:
Commissioned for Bear & Bird's "The Little Golden Years" exhibition, "Papa Bear" is our tribute (and an imagined epilogue) to our favorite Little Golden Book, Richard Scarry's classic "Pierre Bear." The book is regrettably out-of-print (probably due to Pierre Bear smoking and shooting his gun and otherwise being a questionable role model for young, impressionable future illustrators), so you'll just have to enjoy our print while you scour garage sales for a copy!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

YEAR OF THE HORSE silkscreen print:
CLIP CLOP! Our classic "Year of the Horse" print is back in a handy-dandy, frame-ready 8x10" size! All the horsey goodness in just half the size! [8" x 10"]  ......$20

SOME THOUGHTS risograph print:
LOOK! Here's a risograph print we designed for a big cool risograph show called "RISO WEEKEND" that featured loads of cool artists. It was printed by Natalie at Printed Pony, who curated the show and graciously included us (and boy do I ever mean **GRACIOUSLY**, considering how much fun we have poked at risography over the years. RISO LOVERS: You win. We've now made a riso, and we're very happy with it. Available on pink, mint green, or light blue paper! (Tan and goldenrod are sold out, sorry!)
[11x17"]  ......$20

HAPPY BUGS silkscreen print:
We've got two split fountains and loads of happy bugs on this FUN OLD PRINT (originally designed for ourvisit to the University of North Dakota in chilly Grand Forks, where the bugs are not nearly this colorful) now available in a FUN NEW SIZE (standard poster size, naturally). Buzz buzz! [18x24"]  ......$20

COMFORTLAND DONUTS silkscreen poster:
"Look, it's another one of those Little Friends storefront prints," you might say, as you scroll through our website. "If only they were pictures of real places that I could visit, rather than entirely fictional creations of famed illustrators the Little Friends of Printmaking (who are my favorite)," you continue, very realistically. SURPRISE! PLOT TWIST! Comfortland Donuts is all TOO REAL and is filled from door to door with sweet treats and hot eats for you to enjoy. We present it to you here, in poster form. Buy one and then bring it with you to New York. Get in a cab and point at the poster and say "Here, please." [18x24"]  ......$20

MOVIE HUT silkscreen print:
Calling all cinephiles, all tapeheads, all you ride-or-die hard-bitten VHS loyalists! This 2018 SDCC exclusive print is our sequel to last year's "Sugar Shack" print (see below). Here, we're harkening back to the hazy, bygone days of home video rental. Got "Sugar Shack" already? Then, you may as well complete the set! [18" x 24"]  ......$20

HOME OFFICE silkscreen print:
If you're like me, then you've been working from home for a minute or two, and so by now you understand that the perfect home office is peaceful (but also productive), it has everything you'd want from your old office (but none of the annoyances), and most importantly it has a toadstool and a frog and a fern and a desk carved from a tree stump (as pictured above). The perfect addition to any home office, whether it's forever or just "for now." [18x24"]  ......$20

signed hardcover book:

THE RUMORS ARE TRUE: LITTLE FRIENDS HAVE MADE A BOOK! It's very good, and YOU SHOULD BUY ONE! How do I know? Well, you're here at our website, reading this blurb (nobody's twisting your arm, I presume) so I'd guess you're a fan of our particular brand of brightly-colored visual nonsense: prints brimming with arcane details and cute animal characters. STUDIO is a beautiful hardbound book full of stuff like that! If you loved our "PRINT SHOP" print (see below), imagine a book with not just a print studio, but a painting studio, a music studio, a ceramics studio, and so on! But why imagine it? It already exists, and you can buy a signed copy right here! Based on a beautiful song by beloved children's entertainer Emily Arrow, with story and pictures by the Little Friends of Printmaking. What are you waiting for?  ......$17.99

PIZZA patch:
PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA! Here's our loving recreation, in felt and embroidery thread, of the classic southern California generic pizza box. If you see this image, prepare for extremely good (or at least, extremely adequate) pizza. Enjoy!

BANANA silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
YES, it's a banana monoprint, WITH A REAL FUZZY FLOCKED SPIDER! If just LOOKING at prints has become BORING, OLD NEWS, the try this print, which has a fuzzy part you can rRUN YOUR LITTLE HANDS OVER for an extra tactile treat. It's like "Pat The Bunny" for slightly-older children and deeply immature grown-ups . *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 24"]  ......$60

BLACK CAT t-shirt:
HI FOLKS, we've released all of our new SDCC items online, including THIS T-SHIRT WITH A BLACK CAT'S FACE ON IT! Feeling lucky? THINK AGAIN! Printed BIG on Next Level tees with nice, soft waterbased inks!    ......$30

RECORDS DOG silkscreen print:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PRINT WITH  A DOG ON IT-- A dog who LOVES RECORDS!
[18" x 18"]  ......$20

CALIFORNIA HOT DOG silkscreen print:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PRINT WITH AN EXTREMELY COOL HOT DOG! Visit California!!
[18" x 18"]  ......$20

BOOK DOG enamel pin:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PIN OF A VERY LITERATE DOG!   ......$10

TAPE FROG enamel pin:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PIN OF A VERY RETRO MIXTAPE-LOVING FROG!   ......$10

SKATER CAT enamel pin:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PIN OF A CRUISER-RIDING CAT! Radical!   ......$10

WHOOPS patch:
HI FOLKS, we made a bunch of cool new stuff for SDCC this summer, including THIS PATCH THAT QUITE ACCURATELY DESCRIBES THE HUMAN CONDITION!   ......$8

MOONBASE silkscreen print:
Say HELLO to our special new SDCC NON-EXCLUSIVE! What do we mean? Well, we 've made this especially for SDCC 2022, and we'll certainly be selling them there. BUT! Given that the virus still rages on and so many of you will (rather smartly) be skipping this year's convention, we're making these available via mail order as well! Cheers and see you in San Diego! [18x24"]  ......$20

MOMOTARO 8x10" silkscreen print:
LOOK! A print for lovers of flame-point siamese cats, or Japanese folklore, or traditional textile patterns, or snow monkeys, or shiba inu, or millet dango, or just PEACHES! Have we covered it all? Is our Venn diagram now just one big circle? OK, good. Gorgeous in person, you need this. [8" x 10"]  ......$20

SMILEY silkscreen print:
DON'T WORRY DUDE! Be like this little guy-- JUST CHILLING. Hold this print up to your face as a reminder of your new chill attitude. He's like a visual mantra. [8x10"]  ......$20

THIS BOY IS A HERO silkscreen print:
This print illustrates the single most moving, most affecting sequence in all of cinema. EVER! (Take that, Robert Bresson's Au Hazard Balthazar!) Of course, I'm referring to the daring pet shop rescue from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. 4 colors, including a shiny, metallic silver Pee-Wee suit on green paper. and NOW in a handy-dandy 8x10" size! [8x10"]  ......$20

ASTROCAT silkscreen print:
HEY! Who's that soaring throught the skies? Why, it must be our classic "ASTROCAT" print! All-cat, all-space action in super-saturated yellows and oranges over a sumptuous pearlescent indigo sky? Yup! You got it. Think how good this will look in the sunlight. Pretty good, right? **points at "purchase" button**
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

COZY HOUSE silkscreen print:
Hold this print and feel the COZY VIBES radiating out of it through your arms and up into the coziness receptors in your brain. Let the very chilled-out faces of this bear and his frog friend be a model for all your future cozy times. This print looks especially cozy in an 8x10" frame! [8x10"]  ......$20

BRAIN 2 silkscreen print:
...And here's "BRAIN 2," a look into James' brain: An utterly disorganized pile of train schedules, memories, liner notes from old records and otherwise useless minutiae. How does it all work? Well, IT DOESN'T! But it's pretty, and it uses one of the wildest inks I've ever mixed-- a fluorescent red that's really something to see. [18x24"]  ......$20

TOUGHER THAN LEATHER silkscreen print:
A valentine for: Punk couples (and used-to-be-a-punk couples); leather couples; motorcycle couples; Also, people who aren't couples, let's be serious, being together forever is not a prerequisite for buying this print! Part of our PAPER HEARTS show-- See more of the prints right here!
[18" x 18]  ......$20

BLACK CAT silkscreen print:
We're bringing this design back on bright, white paper, to show off more of that crazy underprinting. Spooky or adorable? I guess it depends on if you're a cat owner. Either way, there's a lot to enjoy here, so JUMP ON IT!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

PIGEON silkscreen print:
Finally, a modernist nature print for city-dwellers like us! Observe as the majestic, noble pigeon enjoys in a meal of cigarette butts and street garbage. Behold the beauty-- nay, the UNRIVALED MAJESTY of nature's world!!! Ultra-shiny metallic gold ink, because the mighty pigeon deserves nothing less!
[18" x 18"]  ......$20

STAMP (OWL & PUSSYCAT) silkscreen print:
Our new valentine print for: Hopeless romantics, newlyweds, boating enthusiasts, cat lovers, stamp collectors, afficionados of late-19th century British nonsense poetry, etc. Perhaps this person is you! If so, please buy one.
[8" x 10]  ......$20

FRENCH COFFEE silkscreen print:
Love Coffee? Love Paris? Love old 1960s silkscreened advertising posters? We sure do, evidently! Four colors and lotsa detail packed into an easy 8x10" size!
[8x10"]  ......$20

WORK TABLE silkscreen print:
ATTENTION ARTISTS EVERYWHERE: Hello. I'm sure you're wondering why I summoned you all here today. Firstly, to tell you how much I love and appreciate you; And then also to show you this brand new print, designed and hand-printed IN YOUR HONOR. In honor of all artists and writers everywhere, sure, but also specifically YOU. This is a metaphor, you see. The bunny working dilligently at its work table is... You guessed it, it's you. Did I get the ears right? Well, nevertheless. It's a good print anyway. [18x24"]  ......$20

MIDNIGHT CAT silkscreen print:
BLACK INK ON BLACK PAPER! How much more black could this print be? I'd say "none," like Spinal Tap, but that'd be ignoring the striking green eyes that peep at you through the darkness. Certainly our all-time most famous and popular print (and with good reason!), this is DEFINITELY a print with a picture of a cat on it. What more did you need, again?
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

SUGAR SHACK silkscreen print:
WOWEE WOW WOW! Here's our SDCC 2017 exclusive print, in all its day-glo glory. Just on an illustration-per-square-inch basis, this one is an A++ stone killer, a must-have, a bona fide shocker. Are you in need of the best print around? Then jump on it! [18x24"]  ......$20

GREEN GODDESS silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
HEY LOOK! We've got a few copies of "GREEN GODDESS" monoprint left over from our recent SILKSCREEN IS EASY exhibition, and so we're making them available HERE, NOW! Swirling green monoprint hair AND a split-fountain layer-? This print is DOUBLE-CRAZY! Get one while you can! *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 24"]  ......$80

SILKSCREEN IS EASY silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
HEY! This monoprint says "Silkscreen is easy!" How STRANGE that it should say such a thing, when WE ALL KNOW how famously difficult silkscreen can be! HOW ODD! This must be some of that IRONIC HUMOR that I've been reading about. in magazines. Personally, I don't find humor to be very funny. But perhaps you're different, and you'd like to have a funny print about silkscreen. Because I think that's what this is. (I am very intelligent.) *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 24"]  ......$60

FRUIT BOWL silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
HOW ABOUT THIS! We're releasing the remaining copies of our "FRUIT BOWL" monoprint from our recent SILKSCREEN IS EASY exhibition. Fluorescent pink fruit and a pearlescent purple bowl, with WILD monoprint patterning? WHY NOT?! GRAB ONE WHILE WE'VE GOT THEM! *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 24"]  ......$60
THE 3 FOR $50 silkscreen print combo deal:
So... If you're still reading this teeny-tiny text, and not SCROLLING MADLY DOWN the page to select three of our lovely hand-pulled screenprints to buy, then I guess you must be in some sort of mild state of shock or disbelief. Well, that's why I'm here-- to assure you that we are ENTIRELY SERIOUS about this admittedly OBVIOUSLY CRAZY DEAL. You should take it! Be our guest!

CHOOSE ANY THREE $20 PRINTS from our site (big or small, new or old, preferably not sold-out ones, thanks), TYPE THEIR NAMES IN THE BOX BELOW and HIT THAT "PURCHASE" BUTTON like you mean it! Three gorgeous Little Friends screenprints will be winging their way to your address in a big ole tube for just $50. DO IT!

[3 prints, any size, big or small]  ......$50

CYCLE CAT silkscreen print:
ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ! Our ever-popular "Cycle Cat" design is now available as a screenprint! A favorite at this year's Renegade Craft Fair, equally good for cyclists and tuxedo-cat-enthusiasts alike. (And for the mythical, elusive cycling tuxedo-cat-enthusiast, it's a mind-shattering must-have revelation!!!)
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

FOREST FLAG silkscreen print:
Call me a tree-hugging pinko swine, (go ahead, do it, I'll wait...) but wouldn't you feel a lot better if this was our flag? Celebrate nature and our environment and all those wide open spaces with this little 8x10" banger. Glittery metallic GOLD ink and velvety pearlescent BLACK ink combine forces to create a rare ALL-GLITTER, ALL-TREES, ALL-FUN kinda print. [8x10"]  ......$20

VALENTINE silkscreen print, LARGE-SIZED:
A valentine for the California Modern-loving, Palm Springs-vacationing, Eames Chair-sitting aesthete in your life! Part of our PAPER HEARTS show-- See more of the prints right here! [18" x 18"]  ......$20

A valentine for eyelash fiends and/or the deeply romantic ginger in your life! Part of our PAPER HEARTS show-- See more of the prints right here! [12" x 12"]  ......$20

PRINT SHOP silkscreen print:
HEY GUYS! Our newest print is a printmaking studio overflowing with activity and happy little printmakers. (Sure, they're happy now, but this scene will look a lot crabbier if they're still printing after 1:00am. I speak from experience!) Based in part on an illustration from our upcoming childrens' book about artists' studios, the very imaginatively-titled STUDIO, this one is a must-get! It sold out at the L.A. Printers Fair, but we wouldn't leave you hanging like that! Get one!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

LOVE RECORDS silkscreen print:
WOW! The latest installment in our "Sugar Shack" series, This new print is A RIOT of color and absolutely PACKED with fun record store imagery and fun, weird characters! These sold out at SDCC, but we're printing more RIGHT NOW! Get one! [18" x 24"]  ......$20

THE LOVERS silkscreen print:
We've brought back our "The Lovers" print, without all the tarot card jazz, as a huge double split fountain. Each one is different (though not much)! Feeling sparks? Get one today!. [18" x 24"]  ......$20

SHADE CAT silkscreen print:
A CMYK cat blanketed in velvety black ink? Sumptuous and sublime, a joy to hold and an pure expression of the materiality of silkscreen, BUT ALSO just a goofy cat picture? Check, check, check! [8" x 10"]  ......$20

PEACE FLOWERS silkscreen print:
"Peace Flowers" is back, in an all-new black and gold colorway. We've used the same glittery gold ink you may have seen on our "Cat Behind Plants" print, and the effect is SUPER-AWESOME. [18" x 24"]  ......$20

TATTOOED LADY silkscreen print:
HEY! We've made an art print version of our classic Meltdown poster, with some new and updated tattoos and that signature "sunburn" split fountain! What's she reading? The Illustrated Man? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Peanuts? Who knows!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

GARDEN CAT silkscreen print:
ALL NEW FOR FALL 2017! It's an explosion of outrageous color, leaves, and floral stuff, with shifting colors and textures. And in the middle of it all, there's a little cat hiding in there, peering out at you. Inspired by our George, who loved to be sneaky.  [18x18"] ......$20

THREE BEARS silkscreen print:
WHOOOP! WHOOOP! Oh, my! Why, that's the sound of the HOT PRINT ALERT! A treehouse, three bears, three chairs, three beds, a mess of porridge, and one sleepy tresspassing little so-and-so! A genuine treat to look at!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

CAT BEHIND PLANTS silkscreen print:
YES, our "Cat Behind Plants" print from our Golden Apples of the Sun exhibition is back in its original size! Apologies for not putting this up sooner-- we have a hard time keeping this one in stock! SUPER-GLITTERY metallic gold ink sets off a fun minimalist design. Enjoy! [18x24"]  ......$20

MIDNIGHT SNACK silkscreen print:
Here's a big and beautiful CYMK print with a TEENY TINY mouse taking TEENY TINY little bites out of some BIG BIG fruit! [18" x 24"]  ......$20

SUNSET SUCCULENTS silkscreen print:
A triple shot of pearlescent inks with a gorgeous split fountain, in the shape of some fun potted plants (and some little stowaways, too)! An expression of extreme California vibrations.
[8" x 10"]  ......$20

ARCADE CATS silkscreen print:
Look at these juvenile delinquent cats, playing their zip-zap video games! They're up to no good! In my day, young people participated in healthy, wholesome activites like hoop spinning, taffy pulling, and the occasional switchblade fight. These zip-zap bleep-bloop cats are headed for prison or the welfare rolls, believe me! That crazy pink-yellow gradient won't save you, heathens!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

PATTON OSWALT silkscreen poster:
It's the man himself, bigger than life and surrounded by all sorts of lfun little guys and miscellaneous Little Friends-y weirdness! Comissioned for his 2019 European tour-- did you miss it? (You probably did, you're most likely a 26-44 woman living in the Los Angeles area, if out metrics are to be believed.) Snap one up! [18" x 24"]  ......$20

FOREST FLOOR silkscreen print, FUN-SIZED:
Teeny-tiny mice (and cute ladybugs) scramble for nuts and berries (and, uh, nectar? Is that what ladybugs eat? Google later.) among the giant ferns and flowers of the undergrowth. Super-cute and super-classy, for people who need a little arty classy home-decor-ness mixed in with their cute stuff. Enjoy! [12" x 12"] ......$20

This shirt is our low-key tribute to The Actual Greatest City on Earth, Los Angeles, California. Of course, if you happen to live somewhere else, we won't stop you from using it to rep your town!  ......$15

Clear off your jean jacket! RIP every current patch off your backpack, POST-HASTE! We've got SIX (6) new pins and patches for your sartorial -type enjoyment. Imagine there is such a thing as a NEW PIN AND PATCH DINNER BELL, and now imagine me ringing it wildly! COME AND GIT IT!

*BIG* BLACK CAT embroidered patch:
[4.5" x 3.5"]  ......$10

COFFEE CAT enamel pin:
[1" x 1.5"]  ......$10

BEWARE embroidered patch:
[2.4" x 3"]  ......$8

MR. PENCIL embroidered patch:
[2.15" x 3.75"]  ......$8

PRETZEL PIG enamel pin:
[1.3" x 1.5"]  ......$10

GLASSES enamel pin:
[1" x 1.75"]  ......$10

MORE SUPER-COLOSSAL 8x10" mini-silkscreen prints:
HEY! We've brought back ELEVEN MORE popular prints as fun little 8x10" screenprints at a fun little price! Real screenprints at a handy size-- perfect for gift-giving! Put 'em up in your cubicle! Swap 'em with your friends like Yu-Gi-Oh cards! Now available in "Astrocat," "Cat Racer," "French Coffee," and "Torpedo Gunner" varieties, plus MANY MORE, plus all the other existing mini-prints elsewhere in the store!
[8" x 10"]  ......$20 each

I'M A DUCK unisex socks:
SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS! Socks with ducks on them! Yellow socks! These socks, pictured above! One of our favorite surprises about Tokyo was their extremely hype sock game. And so, not wanting to be left out, here's our entry into the whole sock thing. It's got a happy little duck on them (who's also a pretty big duck, if you've got size 13 feet like me).
[one size]  ......$10
Do you like music? Do you like cats? You can see where I'm going here, right? Here's a pin with a cute li'l record-collecting cat on it, which you can wear on your person! These blurbs just write themselves sometimes.
[1.1" x 1.5"]  ......$10

Who's cooler than you? NOBODY, THAT'S WHO-- Except for maybe this extremely stylin' cat with heart-shaped sunglasses, pictured left. MAKE THIS CAT PART OF YOUR POSSE IMMEDIATELY and feel the coolness vibrations radiate through your body.
[0.9" x 1.5"]  ......$10

TOKYO CATS: A DUCK lapel pin:
He's a duck! KWAK KWAK KWAK. Let this little guy be your co-pilot wherever you go! He's the best one. (What, best pin, best duck? NO, BEST ANYTHING.) Your life is not complete until you have this weirdo duck in your hand.
[0.9" x 1.5"]  ......$10

Why not complete your outfit with this handsome little shutterbug in a green overcoat? He seems to be enjoying Tokyo, though it's hard to ask since he's always lagging twenty feet behind, taking photos of something or other. He'll catch up with you guys later.
[0.7" x 1.5"]  ......$10

YOU ARE HERE lapel pin:
A helpful pin for Angelenos (and other Californians who aren't quite so big on geographical specificity). Where am I again? Let me check my little map... Oh yeah, I'm HERE.
[0.8" x 1.25"]  ......$10

BEER BUNNY lapel pin:
THIS PIN IS MAKING ME THIRSTY. This little guy is about to hoist a tall (INSERT BEER OF YOUR CHOICE HERE, BEER SNOB) and in this moment, everything is just great. Shiny silver chrome and brilliant hard enamels! Bottoms up!
[1.25" x 1.25"]  ......$10

TOUGH LOVE lapel pin:
Together forever, tougher than leather. If you love leather jackets and you love, uh... LOVE, I guess-- This pin is just for you! No need to break it in, it's ready to wear.
[1" x 1"]  ......$10

LITERALLY ME lapel pin:
The number one Instagram coment on any of our pins, "Literally Me," now enshrined on a pin of its very own. It's great paired with a pin that is literally you, or on its own as a kind of name tag for the internet-speak conversant jokester.
[1.5" x 0.3"]  ......$10

TIGER lapel pin:
ROAR! This is our crying "Shut Up" tiger's more confident cousin. I mean, he's not that confident, just look at his eyes-- but he's not currently crying, and that's a start!
[1.1" x 1.25"]  ......$10

ILLUSTRATOR lapel pin:
The perfect pin for the ink-stained wretch in your life! I often describe myself by saying, "I draw cartoon pictures for money." And while it is a perfectly ridiculous way to make your living, filled with inequities and indignities and umpteen rounds of revisions, I still wear it like a badge of honor. AND NOW YOU CAN, TOO! [1.25" x 1.25"]  ......$10

BAD APPLE lapel pin:
Hey, buddy, how do you like THEM APPLES?! Oh, you like them quite a lot? Because they're so cute and the happy little worm is a nice touch, you say? Well, okay then!
[1.1 x 1.1"]  ...... $10

WHOOPS lapel pin:
WHOOPS! Now we're all dead! Celebrate the end of all human life on Earth with this fun new Little Friends pin! Shiny gold finish and hard black enamel!
[0.9 x 1.2"]  ...... $10

EASY READER lapel pin:
Do you love books? Do you love gold? Do you love our "Easy Reader" print, but find poster-sized screenprints incredibly hard to wear on your jean jacket??? Get stoked! We've got the answer to all your problems!
[1.1 x 0.8"]  ...... $10

TORPEDO GUNNER silkscreen print:
AHOY! All aboard the U.S.S. Little Friends (a multi-colored, Flora-inspired torpedo gunner) as we set sail for mild adventure across the seven seas! LAND HO! AVAST AND SO FORTH! BOAT STUFF! [12" x 16"]  ......$20

DEPRESSED IN LOS ANGELES embroidered patch:
Maybe you've already got our Depressed shirt and our Depressed lapel pin, but do you have our shiny new embroidered patch? Well, start clearing some space on your jean jacket! Being bummed out has never been so exciting. Embroidered in metallic gold thread on black felt!
[3" x 3"]  ......$8

CHEETAH PRINT embroidered patch:
What is there to say? Just a cool-looking embroidered patch with metallic gold thread on premium black felt. Isn't that enough? [3" x 2.5"]  ......$8

ASTROCAT embroidered patch:
ZOOM! Stitch our new Astrocat patch onto you jacket (or sure, just iron him on, you lazybones) and let him bravely accompany you on all your adventures (in outer space, or at the beach, or at the movies)!
[3" x 4.5"]  ......$8

SHUT UP TIGER embroidered patch:
This is the patch that says-- NAY, it SCREAMS: "HEY, SHUT UP!!! STOP PICKING ON MEEEEE!!!" Let this patch be your good luck talisman: Use it to take all your troubles and tell them to shut up!
[3" x 3"]  ......$8

MONEY MOUSE lapel pin:
GET MONEY! You can't knock the hustle, especially when it's rendered like this in shiny black nickel with brilliant hard enamels. A steal at any price!!!
[1.1" x 1.25"]  ......$10

LATER BRO lapel pin:
See you later, bro! Hopefully a lot later, although if Death was such a chill bro, then maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal. YAH SURE BRAH YOU CAN KISS YOUR WIFE AND FINISH YOUR ILLUSTRATION BEFORE WE GO LIKE NO SWEAT. Shiny black nickel finish with hard enamels and some pretty sweet black-on-black details!
[1" x 1.3"]  ......$10

FIRST lapel pin:
Here's a pretty solid goof, in lapel pin form! Themes include: Internets! Bragging! The persistence of the tombstone as a motif in enamel pins and patches! Black nickel and fancy hard enamel.
[0.9" x 1.1"]  ......$10

GUESS I'M DUMB lapel pin:
The pin for when the joke's on you. Is the world currently making you feel like a total dumb? Or maybe you're not particularly dumb but the whole world doesn't make a lick of sense? Or maybe you just like this song a lot? (I know do.) Extra-small, like the way you feel.
[0.8" x 0.8"]  ......$10

LEAF CUTTER lapel pin:
It's a little ant with a big old leaf! No jokes required, it just looks really good on a jacket. Black nickel and hard enamels, shiny like a mirror, and just a shade under brooch-sized, to stay firmly unisex.
[1" x 1.5"]  ......$10

lapel pin:
LOOK: It's our "Depressed in Los Angeles" graphic, now in lapel pin form! Unlike the popular t-shirt (see below), this item won't get smelly if you, perhaps, wear it for several days in a row, because of reasons which need not be disclosed. Antique Gold finish and soft black enamel. It's thick!
[1"]  ......$10

BRAT CAT lapel pin:
SURPRISINGLY BIG and EXTRA-SHINY, our Brat Cat pin can be seen clear across the room, a shiny, gold, cat-shaped beacon sending supremely bratty vibes to passers-by. Gold finish with hard enamel for that jewelry look.
[1.25"]  ......$10

YOU SEEM COOL lapel pin:
WHO WANTS ICE CREAM?! Or more accurately, a gorgeous ice-cream-shaped totem of your undying love & friendship, rendered in a shiny copper finish and brilliant hard enamels. Delicious!
[1.25"]  ......$10

FREEDOM PUFF lapel pin:
GOD BLESS AMERICA! Yes, it's a bald eagle with a joint in its beak. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Our tribute to the great American pastime, it's so shiny that it's actually quite hard to photograph --but you get the basic idea here. Shiny gold finish and hard glass enamel.
[1.25"]  ......$10

Celebrating the old battle cry of screenprinters everywhere (and old users, especially), "Print Faster" is a great addition to any print shop. Originally produced by us as a letterpress edition at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum, this new, extra-large silkscreen edition is twice as big for twice the swear-iness!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

YEAR OF THE OX (midwest edition) silkscreen print:
The print that says "HELLO, I'm considering a career in giant lumberjacking," or "HELLO, I'm from the Midwest," or even "HELLO, miss, can you direct me to the plaid flannel woolens department?" [12" x 16"]  ......$20

SLOW JAMZ silkscreen print:
A visual reminder to stay cool. Note: This turtle only has one tape (a beat up Prince cassingle) and nothing breaks his chill. He is basically the coolest guy ever. IKEA-Ribba sized for easy framing.
[16" x 20"]  ......$20

SEE CANADA silkscreen print:
Q: How do you spell "Excellence?" A: Why, C-A-N-LOG-BEAVER-A! Little Friends Air is now offering First Class Jet Service to Canada (or, anyway, that's what this new print-- inspired by screenprinted travel posters of the 1960's-- says)! Available in Nunavut White or Montréal Orange Julep.
[18" x 24"] ......$20 USD
VOIR CANADA sérigraphie:
Q: Comment épelez-vous "Bon?"
lLittle Friends Air offre maintenant un Service de Première Classe Jet au Canada (ou, en tout cas, c'est ce que cette nouvelle impression - inspirée par des affiches de voyage sérigraphiés des 1960's - dit)! Disponible en Nunavut Blanc ou Montréal Orange Julep.
[46 x 61cm] ......$32.67 CDN

VISIT WISCONSIN silkscreen print:
Our super-detailed state map is packed to the brim with Wisconsin icons-- Forests, factories, hodags, breweries, boats, cranberry bogs-- from Ashland to the Kenosha pier (that's from top to bottom, if you didn't pick it up from context clues), all in a fun, modernist style. Must be seen to be believed-- the web images can't do it justice!
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

ALTERNATE STATE MOTTO silkscreen print:
"Forward," the actual Wisconsin state motto, is perfectly fine-- inspiring, even-- but it isn't terribly reflective of the people here or the way we live; Nor is it very helpful or informative to visitors. So: WE FIXED IT! You're welcome, people of Wisconsin; we await your gracious thanks.
[8" x 10"]  ......$20

EAT SHIT, FUCK YOU silkscreen print:
This was one of the most popular prints from our show! It just seems to speak to people (even if they're unaware that "ES/FU" is the traditional call-and-response chant of Wisconsin Badgers fans). Hey, Wisconsin is fine and all, but swearing is awesome everywhere and anywhere!
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

POLSKA POWER silkscreen print:
Both a tribute to traditional Polish papercraft and a statement of Polska pride, this print is perfect for craft lovers and Polish-American aesthetes everywhere (but particularly in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, obviously).
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

MORE BADGERS, LESS WEASELS silkscreen print:
Originally distributed as a free printout for protesters to wave about, our "More Badgers, Less Weasels" design is available again as a silkscreen poster, because you asked.
*And yes, grammar grumps, we know you think it should read "fewer weasels." Stop telling us. We get it already.
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

WISCONSIN FORESTS silkscreen print:
Green on green (and on green paper, to boot), this print is our tribute to Wisconsin's vast, wooded wilderness. Getting lost in these woods-- not so bad!
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

GREAT SEAL silkscreen print:
This is our re-interpretation of the Great Seal of Wisconsin, which (if you're wondering) features a sailor, a miner, and a ferocious burrowing mammal with terrifying claws (he bites)! We've managed to spruce it up a bit while mainitaining its delightful anachronisms. Forward!
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

MILWAUKEE'S WORST felt mini-pennants:
GEE! Real felt mini-pennants from our LITTLE FRIENDS: MILWAUKEE'S WORST show, available in seventeen different designs! Q: How will anyone know that you've been to Milwaukee if you're not waving around a Milwaukee Smog pennant? How will anyone know your love of the obvious without a pennant that says "Pennant?" It's a question that answers itself: BUY ALL THE PENNANTS.
[10" x 4"]  ......$15

UGLYCON 2014 silkscreen poster:
Giant Robot asked us to design the poster for Uglycon, their big annual Uglydolls event, and we happily obliged! 2014 is the tenth birthday of the Ice Bat character, so we've got Ice Bat in full L.A. turista drag, with shades, Hollywood star maps, and a bootleg Dodgers hat he bought at LAX. Very limited!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

GUIDED BY VOICES silkscreen poster:
Enjoy this graphic design lesson; courtesy of The Little Friends: This is a Guided by Voices poster, so we wrote "Guided by Voices" on it REAL BIG. POW! You're welcome, community of designers! And thank you to GBV for being so excellent.
[19" x 25"]  ......$20 $15.00

ART vs. CRAFT 2013 silkscreen poster:
Going out with a bang, our poster for the LAST-EVER Art vs. Craft features a human cannonball, big cats, and acrobats.   [19" x 12.5"]  ......$20 $15.00

2014 NCECA CONFERENCE silkscreen poster:
Commissioned by NCECA for their 2014 conference in Milwaukee, our poster is a celebration of all things ceramics; our artists' proofs (exclusively available here) are printed on a very Milwaukee-appropriate cloudy gray paper. Don't slip up! Cast aside all doubt and buy one today! Wheel appreciate it!
[18" x 24"] ......$20 $15.00

PATTON OSWALT silkscreen poster:
LITTLE, like the man himself and COLORFUL, like his comic flights of fancy. Put that in your failure bowl and smoke it! Enjoy. 
[19" x 12.5"]  ......$20 $15.00

LES GEORGES LENINGRAD silkscreen poster:
An epic tour de force of scribbly, stream-of-consciousness illustration! Gleefully profane in all the best ways.
[25" x 19"]  ......$20 $15.00

DOG silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
WOOF WOOF! We're continuing to *SLOWLY* release the remaining copies of our monoprints from the SILKSCREEN IS EASY exhibition, and "DOG" is up next! ("Next," meaning NOW, presently.) If you're one of those people (you know who you are) who have always demanded that we STOP making cat prints and make a dog print already, HERE YOU GO! Don't leave us hanging! *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[18" x 24"]  ......$60

I'M DUMB sweatshirt:
SOLD OUT AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON, and so you've missed out on getting your hands on this sweatshirt-- OR HAVE YOU??? ...OK, YES, WE'RE BRINGING IT BACK! Feeling especially dumb yourself or just aspiring to achieve a cheerful, zen-like ignorance? Either way, this is the sweatshirt for you! This sweatshirt is comfy and OVERSIZED, so please refer to the size chart (we've found that it runs at least a half-size bigger than usual).  ......$45

PATTERN 2 silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
BIG BIG BIG! A big and BEEFY extra-big print for all your extra-big print needs! Over the fireplace? SORTED! The end of a very long hallway? SMASHED! Over the couch? NAW, this is too good for over the couch, get somehting else that isn't so fun to look at! TWO split-fountain gradients running in TWO directions, plus it's BIG! (Have we mentioned it's big?) *HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[24" x 24"]  ......$60

I'M DUMB t-shirt:
This new shirt is for all the hot 'n sweaty people of Arizona, Nevada, Texas, etc. who told us that they HAD to have I'M DUMB sweatshirt, but that if they attempted to wear a sweatshirt they would spontaneously combust. A lot of you actually asked for a tank top, but c'mon, man, we're meeeting you halfway here. Don't get greedy!  ......$30

On a VERY COOL eraser pink shirt, EVERYTHING IS WRONG is our not-particularly subtle commentary on the state of EVERYTHING. The back features our take on one of those old "Find The Mistake" puzzles, but with a crucial difference that you MAY not notice. **wink** Can you solve our puzzle? (It's very, very easy.) Buy one and find out!  ......$30

PATTON OSWALT 2020 silkscreen poster:
HERE WE GO AGAIN: Another fine poster for America's preeminent stand-up, America's angriest pacifist, America's leading voicer of chef-based animated rat entertainment. This poster has both anger AND rats-- You're welcome. [18" x 24"]  ......$20

If you ever wanted an honest-to-god REAL SILK SCARF (I know, right?) crawling with Little Friends weirdness: Little fashion-plate cats and ducks, little fruit and candy-headed guys chilling, an ice cream truck handing out cool treats, etc.-- DUDE, YOUR MOMENT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.
[21" x 21"]  ......$20

FOOSBALL silkscreen print:
Another old Little Friends classic returns, with new, updated artwork! Whether you call it Foosball, or Babyfoot, or Table Football, or Fool's Ballz, or Sticky-Footy-Tablemen, or Armless Spinny-Kicking Box Table, well, anyway, you get the idea. Foosball print! [19" x 25"]  ......$20

WHAT?! A hand-printed bandana with a fun & flirty bugs & garbage pattern? YES! IT'S TRUE! I wear this thing every dang day, so if you'd like to be a real fashion plate like myself, then grab it!
[22" x 22"]  ......$15

THE UNEQUIVOCAL HIT OF OUR SDCC, and who would have thought? REALLY?! A joint-puffing hot dog and a dog on a really 70s bike? Welcome to California, I guess! We sold out of these at SDCC, but AS GAWD IS MY WITNESS WE'LL MAKE MORE!   ......$20

TASTEE TREATS silkscreen print:
Ww redesigned our classic 2006 "Tastee Treats" print back in 2012, which means we're past due to redesign it again! But while you wait, the much-loved 2012 version is back again one last time, in a brighter colorway. BEEP BEEP!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

THE SKIPS x LITTLE FRIENDS handmade Japanese acrylic keychain (with custom swirl):
WELCOME TO THE HOTEL COWABUNGA! It's a made-up place, but when your pals in Japan are making you a pearly, custom-swirl acrylic hotel-style keychain, all you can think about is opening your own little bohemian surfer's motel by the beach. (Or maybe that's just me.) People are STOKED on these, and it's easy to see why!
[1" x 3"]  ......$15

CITY SQUARE silkscreen print:
This handsome print is here and ready for you, once you feel like you are sophisticated and mature enough to let it into your home. An understated, modernist graphic statement recalling Saul Bass' illustration work and Mary Blair's color tests, no biggie. It'll be waiting here for you, patiently-- until you're ready. [18x18"] ......$20

BLINK-182 silkscreen poster:
HERE IT IS: Just what it says on the tin, it's a Blink-182 poster. If you like this sort of thing, then here is a thing you will like, which is that sort of thing, the aforementioned thing, which you like. [18" x 24"]  ......$20

RUSHMORE silkscreen print:
Commissioned for the "Bad Dads" exhibiton at SpokeArt, our "Rushmore" print re-tells the film's story through its characters' objects (some of which feature prominently onscreen), while paying subtle homage to Mr. Anderson's penchant for filming groups of fastidiously-arranged objects from above.
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

THIS BOY IS A HERO silkscreen print:
Commissioned for Gallery 1988's "Crazy for Cult" exhibition, this print illustrates the single most moving, most affecting sequence in all of cinema. EVER! (Take that, Robert Bresson's Au Hazard Balthazar!) Of course, I'm referring to the daring pet shop rescue from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. 4 colors, including a shiny, metallic silver Pee-Wee suit on green paper.
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

MADISON MAFIA silkscreen print:
If you've ever been called part of "The Madison Mafia;" disparaged as a pointy-headed member of the printmaking elite, then you know that it stings! Well, guess what: WE'RE TAKING IT BACK!
Sorry, haters!
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

WOLFMOTHER silkscreen poster:
The retina-searing brightness of this one will warp your mind and burn your eyes out. Under a blacklight, this print might actually cause you to go insane.
[24" x 18"]  ......$20 $15.00

BODY silkscreen print, FUN-SIZED MONOPRINT edition:
HEY! Did you miss out on our "BODY" print during our recent exhibition, SILKSCREEN IS EASY? Did you subsequently miss out on our artist's proofs? Are you now wishing we had made a smaller, more budget-friendly version of the "BODY" print, in slightly different colors, printed in a new edition at Austin Peay University with the kind assistance of the students there? Wow, your wishes are EXTREMELY SPECIFIC, huh? You're weird! Weird and LUCKY, because that's exactly what we've got! It's a monoprint, so each one has its own swirl pattern! **HEY THIS PRINT ISN'T PART OF THE BIG SALE, THANKS**
[12" x 16"]  ......$50

MURDER IS HER HOBBY silkscreen poster:
CHECK IT OUT! We've designed the exhibition poster for the extremely fascinating Murder Is Her Hobby: Frances Glessner Lee and the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death exhibit at the Smithonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery. I'm not joking, this exhibit is fascinating and worth a visit. [18" x 24"]  ......$20

COSMIC CAT silkscreen print:
We just sold out of the more recent white-ink-on-dark-gray-paper version of "COSMIC CAT," but FEAR NOT! We found some copies from an ealier edition in the ORIGINAL colorway! Get it while you can!.
[19" x 25"]  ......$20

BOOKSHELF silkscreen print, MONOPRINT edition:
Here's the flipside of our "Bookshelf" print, a "crazy" version with multiple split fountains and a monoprint layer. Each one is completely different! Some are subtle, some are definitively NOT! How does this translate into the e-commerce experience? Push the button and let's find out together!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

EXHALE bandana:
Our new cotton bandana features cactuses, rocks, and a skating guy in a moment of EXTREME CHILL. We should all aspire to be this relaxed, know what I mean? Finally, we've made a print that you can hang off the belt loop of your jeans, or tie around a dog's neck, or ball up and throw into the washing machine. Other Little Friends posters and prints are ALMOST as good at soaking up barbecue sauce, but I wouldn't recommend it.
[22" x 22"]  ......$15

MISTER SUNDAE embroidered patch:
This little guy and his adorable little feet are ready to spruce up your backpack (or your denim vest, or your whatever) and tell the world EXACTLY who you are: a person who wants ice cream, like now. Right now.
[2.6" x 3.3"]  ......$8

THIS GUY is down to go with you anywhere, which is handy, because he has your keys, and you will probably need them. WHERE ARE MY KEYS? Well, where did you last see them? WELL I GAVE THEM TO THIS FRIENDLY-LOOKING SKATEBOARD CAT BUT NOW HE'S GONE.
[1.7" x 2.3"]  ......$12

HEY! Do you like those street style cats from our "Cat Square" slik scarf but you're not really a silk scarf kinda person? Ahem.   ......$20

PIZZA BOX shirt:
This shirt is our tribute to Southern California's incredibly ubiquitous generic pizza box (the west coast equivalent to New York's chef's-kiss, "you've tried the rest, now try the best" guy). We've redesigned him (so that he's no longer a crazy-quilt collage of mismatched clip art)-- we hope you don't mind terribly.   ......$20

This shirt is a self-portrait (not pictured: dirty Rainbow sandals, weird tanlines, swim trunks as shorts, etc.) HEY! "Heartland Values" as a concept can just totally take a hike, man! So, if you're sick of anti-California judgement, slip on one of these and meet me in the Foster's Freeze parking lot.   ......$20

DOGS shirt:
YES! It's the long-awaited, oft-requested companion piece to our "Cats Are Best" shirt, but this one just says "DOGS." WOOF OOF BARK BORK! Sure, OK, cats are best, but DOGS ARE DOGS OOF OOF BOOF 12/10 DOGGOS WOULD PET  ......$20

BLACK CAT shirt:
No wallspace for our famous "Black Cat" print? No jean jacket space for our sumptuous "Black Cat" patch? And what's that-- you ALSO missed out on our 2018 "Bad Luck" jacket? Well, how about our black cat on a nice, soft, gold, ringspun cotton tee! We sold out of these at SDCC, but WE'RE MAKING MORE NOW!   ......$20

I'M DUMB long-sleeved t-shirt:
This shirt is a self-portrait! Hey guys: I'M DUMB! Our ever-popular dumb duck is back, shrugging on the front and goofing off down the sleeve in increasingly dumb scenarios (ranging from basic dumb to pot-on-head super dumb). Did You Know: This character's name is Ddukk Bokki, like the delicious Korean rice cakes.   ......$20

LOS ANGELES (SUNGLASSES) silkscreen print:
What's up? Oh, nothing really, just enjoying the gorgeous weather and the preposterous natural beauty and the hiking and the radical biodiversity and the tacos and the farm fresh produce and the sophisticated design aesthetic and the friendly people and so on, plus I've got this pile of WGA screeners I'm trying to get through-- How about you?
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

silkscreen print:
Police and thieves, in the street-- OH YEAH! A shocking "cherries & blueberries" split fountain sets off this VISUALLY ARRESTING new print! A STEAL at $20. POLICE PUNS!
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

CAT RACER silkscreen print:
VRROOM! In this new print, a cat blasts down California Highway 1 in a cat-faced Bugatti roadster (A Bu-cat-ti, perhaps? WORDPLAY!!!) Four splendid colors; A print made for cat lovers, car lovers, or little kids who dream of going fast.
[18" x 24"]  ......$20

All prints and posters are shipped in a mylar sleeve and a heavy-duty mailing tube.
Shipments are made each week on Saturday (excluding federal holidays).
All US orders are shipped first-class mail. International orders are shipped via air mail.
Expedited shipping or In-Store Pick-Up are available upon request.
Please Note:
All prints and posters are hand-printed, limited-edition silkscreens (unless otherwise noted).
Owing to the process, each print is unique; and so they may exhibit some degree of variation.
Prints are, after all, made of paper, so please use caution when removing prints from a tube.
I Bought One of These, Now How Do I Hang It?
The easiest method of hanging a print is just to use bulldog clips and finishing nails. Alternatively, you could float it between 2 sheets of plexiglas, or use Posterhangers, or stretch a cable across your wall and hang up a bunch of different prints with clips (switching them out whenever you like).
Prints and posters will live a lot longer if you display them away from direct sunlight.