SUPER-COLOSSAL 8x10" mini-silkscreen prints:
HEY! We've brought back five of our most popular prints as fun little 8x10" screenprints at a fun little price! Real screenprints at a handy size-- perfect for gift-giving! Put 'em up in your cubicle! Swap 'em with your friends like Pokemon cards! Available in "Ralph" (on gold foil), "Cat Behind Plants," "Los Angeles (Sunglasses)," "Arcade Cats," and "Let's Eat Musubi" varieties.
[8" x 10"]  ......$20

BAD APPLE lapel pin:
Hey, buddy, how do you like THEM APPLES?! Oh, you like them quite a lot? Because they're so cute and the happy little worm is a nice touch, you say? Well, okay then!
[1.1 x 1.1"]  ...... $10

WHOOPS lapel pin:
WHOOPS! Now we're all dead! Celebrate the end of all human life on Earth with this fun new Little Friends pin! Shiny gold finish and hard black enamel!
[0.9 x 1.2"]  ...... $10

EASY READER lapel pin:
Do you love books? Do you love gold? Do you love our "Easy Reader" print, but find poster-sized screenprints incredibly hard to wear on your jean jacket??? Get stoked! We've got the answer to all your problems!
[1.1 x 0.8"]  ...... $10

WHAT?! A hand-printed bandana with a fun & flirty bugs & garbage pattern? YES! IT'S TRUE! I wear this thing every dang day, so if you'd like to be a real fashion plate like myself, then grab it!
[22" x 22"]  ......$15

ASTROCAT embroidered patch:
ZOOM! Stitch our new Astrocat patch onto you jacket (or sure, just iron him on, you lazybones) and let him bravely accompany you on all your adventures (in outer space, or at the beach, or at the movies)!
[3" x 4.5"]  ......$10

CHEETAH PRINT embroidered patch:
What is there to say? Just a cool-looking embroidered patch with metallic gold thread on premium black felt. Isn't that enough? [3" x 2.5"]  ......$8

DEPRESSED IN LOS ANGELES embroidered patch:
Maybe you've already got our Depressed shirt and our Depressed lapel pin, but do you have our shiny new embroidered patch? Well, start clearing some space on your jean jacket! Being bummed out has never been so exciting. Embroidered in metallic gold thread on black felt!
[3" x 3"]  ......$10

SHUT UP TIGER embroidered patch:
This is the patch that says-- NAY, it SCREAMS: "HEY, SHUT UP!!! STOP PICKING ON MEEEEE!!!" Let this patch be your good luck talisman: Use it to take all your troubles and tell them to shut up!
[3" x 3"]  ......$8

MONEY MOUSE lapel pin:
GET MONEY! You can't knock the hustle, especially when it's rendered like this in shiny black nickel with brilliant hard enamels. A steal at any price!!!
[1.1" x 1.25"]  ......$10

LATER BRO lapel pin:
See you later, bro! Hopefully a lot later, although who knows, if Death is such a chill bro, then maybe it's not such a big deal. YAH SURE YOU CAN KISS YOUR WIFE AND FINISH YOUR ILLUSTRATION BEFORE WE GO BRAH LIKE NO SWEAT. Shiny black nickel finish with hard enamels and some pretty sweet black-on-black details!
[1" x 1.3"]  ......$10

FIRST lapel pin:
Here's a pretty solid goof, in lapel pin form! Themes include: Internets! Bragging! The persistence of the tombstone as a motif in enamel pins and patches! Black nickel and fancy hard enamel.
[0.9" x 1.1"]  ......$10

GUESS I'M DUMB lapel pin:
The pin for when the joke's on you. Is the world currently making you feel like a total dumb? Or maybe you're not particularly dumb but the whole world doesn't make a lick of sense? Or maybe you just like this song a lot? (I know do.) Extra-small, like the way you feel.
[0.8" x 0.8"]  ......$10

LEAF CUTTER lapel pin:
It's a little ant with a big old leaf! No jokes required, it just looks really good on a jacket. Black nickel and hard enamels, shiny like a mirror, and just a shade under brooch-sized, to stay firmly unisex.
[1" x 1.5"]  ......$10

BINOCULARS silkscreen print:
Pssst! That cute girl is checking you out! Which one? Well, she's PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL and holding binoculars, she's about 18x24".
[18" x 24"]  ......$40

WHOOPS silkscreen print:
TOPICAL HUMOR CONTENT! Whoops! And now we're all in trouble. PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL-- who could say no to that? (Not me, this print hangs in our house.)
[18" x 24"]  ......$40

HI silkscreen print:
Hang this sucker in your foyer or your entryway or your mudroom or whatever and BOY you are in business. Girard-esque friendly modernism PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL. [18" x 24"]  ......$40

FRUIT BOWL silkscreen print:
Black & white fruit on a GOLD MIRROR FOIL BACKGROUND; Hang this up and fulfill your destiny as the subject of a too-cute-by-half interior design photo on Pinterest.
[18" x 24"]  ......$40

SUNSET CAT silkscreen print:
A daytime counterpoint to our "Midnight Cat" print, "Sunset Cat" luxuriates in the afternoon sunlight like a little loaf. Based on actual events! PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL, don't you know?
[18" x 24"]  ......$40

VENETIAN BLINDS silkscreen print:
SUPER-FUN in person, this weird visual pun is the male counterpart to "Sunglasses" and is similarly PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL.
[18" x 24"]  ......$40

GUY BEHIND PLANTS silkscreen print:
Sometimes things are just art and there's no joke or underlying commentary, which makes copywriting quite difficult. This one is metallic gold and black. It's also pretty to look at!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

DOVE silkscreen print:
A bigger, fancier version of our classic "Dove" design, in super-rich metallic gold and black! Crazy shiny! [18" x 24"]  ......$30

PAUL WINDLE'S CAR silkscreen print:
It's a car covered with all sorts of stuff, like our pal Paul Windle draws (note: look him up), except our car is covered with all kinds of weird Little Friends-y doo-dads (as you might expect from us). We moved to California with all our stuff and this is about what it looked like.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

SHADOW BOY silkscreen print:
We're awfully fond of this print, which plays with underprinting in a way that's really impressive in person. Too bad you're looking at a little web image and not a shiny metallic print with hidden details, huh?
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

SUCCULENTS silkscreen print:
A bigger, fancier, shinier version of our classic "Succulents" design, just like you asked for! Don't say we never did anything for you.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

SUNGLASSES silkscreen print:
Cool shades and hot GOLD MIRROR FOIL; What is even left to say except "One, please!"
[18" x 24"]  ......$40

EASY READER silkscreen print:
A cute little reading guy and he's PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL can you even believe this hotness??? We are spitting hot fire in screenprint form, grab a chunk for yourself! [18" x 24"]  ......$40

CHEETAH PRINT silkscreen print:
No explanation needed or offered. BTW I'M PRINTED ON GOLD MIRROR FOIL NO BIG. [18" x 24"]  ......$40

THREE BEARS silkscreen print:
WHOOOP! That's the sound of the HOT PRINT ALERT! A treehouse, three bears, three chairs, three beds, a mess of porridge, and one sleepy tresspassing little so-and-so! A genuine treat to look at!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

HERE, JONES silkscreen print:
WOW! An officially-licensed ALIEN (1979) print that eschews all of the gore and the xenomorph goop in order to correctly focus on the real stars of the film: Ripley & Jones! A perfect gift for Mother. SUPER LIMITED! NO FOOLING!
[18" x 24"]  ......$50

silkscreen print:
Police and thieves, in the street-- OH YEAH! A shocking "cherries & blueberries" split fountain sets off this VISUALLY ARRESTING new print! A STEAL at $30. POLICE PUNS!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

BAD APPLES ringer shirt:
Are ringer tees back? The answer is UNEQUIVOCALLY YES! Our "Bad Apples" unisex ringer is placed just so, for a highly enjoyable apple boob illusion. In the immortal words of young Donny Osmond, "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, gurl." ......$25

ARCADE CATS silkscreen print:
Look at these juvenile delinquent cats, playing their zip-zap video games! They're up to no good! In my day, young people participated in healthy, wholesome activites like hoop spinning, taffy pulling, and the occasional switchblade fight. These zip-zap bleep-bloop cats are headed for prison or the welfare rolls, believe me! Metallic green ink won't save you, heathens!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

ASTROCAT silkscreen print:
HEY! Did you miss out on "Astrocat," our SDCC exclusive? (I'm pretty sure the answer's "YES," because we sold them all!) Well, fear not! "Astrocat" is back, in a super-bright colorway! Super-saturated purples and oranges? Yup! You got it. Think how good this will look in the sunlight. Pretty good, right? I think you know what to do.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

BRAT CAT lapel pin:
SURPRISINGLY BIG and EXTRA-SHINY, our Brat Cat pin can be seen clear across the room, a shiny, gold, cat-shaped beacon sending supremely bratty vibes to passers-by. Gold finish with hard enamel for that jewelry look.
[1.25"]  ......$10

lapel pin:
LOOK: It's our "Depressed in Los Angeles" graphic, now in lapel pin form! Unlike the popular t-shirt (see below), this item won't get smelly if you, perhaps, wear it for several days in a row, because of reasons which need not be disclosed. Antique Gold finish and soft black enamel. It's thick!
[1"]  ......$10

YOU SEEM COOL lapel pin:
WHO WANTS ICE CREAM?! Or more accurately, a gorgeous ice-cream-shaped totem of your undying love & friendship, rendered in a shiny copper finish and brilliant hard enamels. Delicious!
[1.25"]  ......$10

In advance of CatCon LA, we've adapted our ever-popular "Arcade Cats" print into a shirt! Printed extra-big and extra-bright (for your enjoyment) on a white tri-blend shirt (for your comfort), this is what all the cool kids will be wearing (as they stand, hunched over a Galaga machine in the dirty back room of a bowling alley). Bleep Bloop!  ......$25

FREEDOM PUFF lapel pin:
GOD BLESS AMERICA! Yes, it's a bald eagle with a joint in its beak. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Our tribute to the great American pastime, it's so shiny that it's actually quite hard to photograph --but you get the basic idea here. Shiny gold finish and hard glass enamel.
[1.25"]  ......$10

LET IT BE KNOWN! Cats are best. Sorry, dogs, sorry parakeets, sorry tortoises, sorry not sorry iguanas (you know what you did, iguanas), etc. Back and front printing for maximum vintage California skate vibrations. ......$25

LOS ANGELES (SUNGLASSES) silkscreen print:
What's up? Oh, nothing really, just enjoying the gorgeous weather and the preposterous natural beauty and the hiking and the radical biodiversity and the tacos and the farm fresh produce and the sophisticated design aesthetic and the friendly people and so on, plus I've got this pile of WGA screeners I'm trying to get through-- How about you?
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

HAY YOU SEEM COOL. A shirt for super cool people, and/or lovers of hot eats and cool treats. (Though, are these two groups really mutually exclusive? "I hope not," he typed, as hot fudge and melted ice cream dribbled on the computer keyboard. "Oh no," he said, reaching for something to wipe up the mess. "This soft tri-blend shirt with a cool graphic on it will have to do, I guess.") ......$25

Here's our great new shirt idea-- It's 1) A CAT SHIRT, but whenever you 2) FOLD YOUR ARMS ACROSS YOUR CHEST, now it's like you're holding the cat! It's like a dada magic trick, for people who really love their cats.  ......$25

HEY, LIKE WOW! Dig this poster for The Meltdown, complete with an inked-up lady (in full Little Friends drag) and a "sunburn" split fountain! Brand new and very limited! Thanks to Dave Kloc for taking a week off from his regular poster gig and asking us to fill in-- it was a privilege!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

EYES shirt:
Or, rather, we will have our eyes on you, once you order one of our stylish new "Eyes" shirts, receive it in the mail, and put it on. Then we'll have our eyes on you.  ......$25

FRENCH COFFEE silkscreen print:
Here's our loving homage to the French silkscreened subway ads of the 1960's-- with a small dose of Little Friends weirdness thrown in for good measure. Health! Quality!
For coffee-loving Francophiles. [18" x 24"]  ......$30

silkscreen print:
A valentine for: Punk couples (and used-to-be-a-punk couples); leather couples; motorcycle couples; Also, people who aren't couples, let's be serious, being together forever is not a prerequisite for buying this print! Part of our PAPER HEARTS show-- See more of the prints right here!
[16" x 16"]  ......$30

CAT RACER silkscreen print:
VRROOM! In this new print, a cat blasts down California Highway 1 in a cat-faced Bugatti roadster (A Bu-cat-ti, perhaps? WORDPLAY!!!) Four splendid colors; A print made for cat lovers, car lovers, or little kids who dream of going fast.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

VALENTINE silkscreen print:
A valentine for the California Modern-loving, Palm Springs-vacationing, Eames Chair-sitting aesthete in your life! Part of our PAPER HEARTS show-- See more of the prints right here!
[16" x 16"]  ......$30

A valentine for eyelash fiends and/or the deeply romantic ginger in your life! Part of our PAPER HEARTS show-- See more of the prints right here!
[16" x 16"]  ......$30

CYCLE CAT shirt:
In advance of CatCon LA, we've brought back one of our best-loved shirt designs, "Cycle Cat," printed EXTRA-BIG on a très athlétique heather blue shirt stock. Allez! Allez! Allez!  ......$25

Originally a shirt we just made for ourselves as a goof and then an unlikely instagram sensation; Here's the shirt that really says it all. Sunshine is great and all, but it can't solve every problem.  Soft white ink on a vintage black or faded white ink on a heather black shirt, because we know those feels, bro! ......$25

HIDDEN TOTORO silkscreen print:
Comissioned for the current "Totoro Mash Up" show at Giant Robot, our new "Hidden Totoro" print features TWO split fountains and pink paper (because why not?) and all three Totoros peeking out from the leaves (because of course).
[12" x 16"]  ......$30

TASTEE TREATS (revisited) silkscreen print:
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of "Tastee Treats," one of our most popular prints, we've souped up the old ice cream truck, added new stickers and signs, and sent it back out into the streets for you to enjoy! [18" x 24"]  ......$30

MIDNIGHT CAT silkscreen print:
BLACK INK ON BLACK PAPER! How much more black could this print be? I'd say "none," like Spinal Tap, but that'd be ignoring the striking green eyes that peep at you through the darkness. Made for our "Hope You Like Cats" exhibition at Super7 and the surprise hit of CatCon LA, this is definitely a print with a picture of a cat on it. What more did you need?
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

CALIFORNIA HOLIDAY set of 3 silkscreen cards:
Check out our new set of California Modern silkscreened greeting cards! "Succulents," "YOU," and "Peace Dove" varieties, all in one handy set.
[A2 sized]  ...... set of 3 for $12

CALIFORNIA HOLIDAY silkscreen card (individual):
Alternately, you can get each card individually! So, if you hate doves and loathe succulents, you can still get you some "YOU" cards.
[A2 sized]  ......$5 each

PAPA BEAR silkscreen print:
Commissioned for Bear & Bird's "The Little Golden Years" exhibition, "Papa Bear" is our tribute (and an imagined epilogue) to our favorite Little Golden Book, Richard Scarry's classic "Pierre Bear." The book is regrettably out-of-print (probably due to Pierre Bear smoking and shooting his gun and otherwise being a questionable role model for young, impressionable future illustrators), so you'll just have to enjoy our print while you scour garage sales for a copy!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

Celebrating the old battle cry of screenprinters everywhere (and old users, especially), "Print Faster" is a great addition to any print shop. Originally produced by us as a letterpress edition at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum, this new, extra-large silkscreen edition is twice as big for twice the swear-iness!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

TORPEDO GUNNER silkscreen print:
AHOY! All aboard the U.S.S. Little Friends (a multi-colored, Flora-inspired torpedo gunner) as we set sail for mild adventure across the seven seas! LAND HO! AVAST AND SO FORTH! BOAT STUFF! [18" x 24"]  ......$30

YEAR OF THE HORSE silkscreen print:
CLIP CLOP! Our popular "Year of the Horse" and "Year of the Ox" prints are back in a more frame-ready 12x16" size! Get 'em while they're hot! [12" x 16"]  ......$30
CALIFORNIA FORESTS silkscreen print:
We've brought back our popular "California Forests" print in a new, smaller, frame-ready size! Now with metallic gold ink and even more desert stuff!  [8" x 10"]  ......$20

FOREST FLAG silkscreen print:
And here's "Forest Flag," our more inclusive alternative print for those of you who love forests and gold ink but still don't live in California. And they make a pretty handsome set!  [8" x 10"]  ......$20

VISIT WISCONSIN silkscreen print:
Our super-detailed state map is packed to the brim with Wisconsin icons-- Forests, factories, hodags, breweries, boats, cranberry bogs-- from Ashland to the Kenosha pier (that's from top to bottom, if you didn't pick it up from context clues), all in a fun, modernist style. Must be seen to be believed-- the web images can't do it justice!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

YEAR OF THE OX (midwest edition) silkscreen print:
The print that says "HELLO, I'm considering a career in giant lumberjacking," or "HELLO, I'm from the Midwest," or even "HELLO, miss, can you direct me to the plaid flannel woolens department?" [12" x 16"]  ......$30

PIGEON silkscreen print:
Finally, a modernist nature print for city-dwellers like us! Observe as the majestic, noble pigeon enjoys in a meal of cigarette butts and street garbage. Behold the beauty-- nay, the UNRIVALED MAJESTY of nature's world!!! Ultra-shiny metallic gold ink, because the mighty pigeon deserves nothing less!
[18" x 18"]  ......$30

THIS BOY IS A HERO silkscreen print:
Commissioned for Gallery 1988's "Crazy for Cult" exhibition, this print illustrates the single most moving, most affecting sequence in all of cinema. EVER! (Take that, Robert Bresson's Au Hazard Balthazar!) Of course, I'm referring to the daring pet shop rescue from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. 4 colors, including a shiny, metallic silver Pee-Wee suit on green paper.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

Write all your sad stories inside this blank greeting card and then send it away! Comes with a black envelope for an extra bonus layer of sadness; I know it's hard to address a black envelope, but life is hard, and you know that. [A2 sized]  ......$5

RUSHMORE silkscreen print:
Commissioned for the "Bad Dads" exhibiton at SpokeArt, our "Rushmore" print re-tells the film's story through its characters' objects (some of which feature prominently onscreen), while paying subtle homage to Mr. Anderson's penchant for filming groups of fastidiously-arranged objects from above.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

UGLYCON 2014 silkscreen poster:
Giant Robot asked us to design the poster for Uglycon, their big annual Uglydolls event, and we happily obliged! 2014 is the tenth birthday of the Ice Bat character, so we've got Ice Bat in full L.A. turista drag, with shades, Hollywood star maps, and a bootleg Dodgers hat he bought at LAX. Very limited!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

silkscreen print:
HEY! An SDCC Exclusive that isn't completely sold out! And why not?! Don't you love floating space cats? Don''t you love old-timey space capsules? Don't you love red-blue 3-D glasses (which come free with each purchase)? I would bet that you do, in fact, like these things and should buy this immediately!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

Too insidery? No such thing. We've gone deep inside-baseball with all the graphic design references on our poster for The National Poster Retrospecticus show at this year's Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. Enjoy the on-purpose registration marks, the press sheet artifacts, and all the graphic design jokes you can eat.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

CYCLE CAT silkscreen print:
ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ! Our ever-popular "Cycle Cat" design is now available as a screenprint! A favorite at this year's Renegade Craft Fair, equally good for cyclists and tuxedo-cat-enthusiasts alike. (And for the mythical, elusive cycling tuxedo-cat-enthusiast, it's a mind-shattering must-have revelation!!!)
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

UNIVERSITY OF AKRON ART silkscreen poster:
Ah, to live the life of a lazy, layabout art student, am I right? WRONG! IT'S LATE NIGHTS! HARD, BACKBREAKING WORK! GETTING DUMPED ON IN CRITIQUES! It's tough stuff! So this print, produced during our visit to the Myers School of Art at Akron, pours one out for our hardworking, penny-pinching, driven little comrades.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

PEACE SNAKE silkscreen print:
Peace out, bros! Of our two new "Peace Signs" prints, this is the one for realists, not optimists. A split-fountain snake over a picture of my own hand (Does my hand look fat in this print? Be honest.).
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

PEACE FLOWERS silkscreen print:
Peace in, friends! Of our two new "Peace Signs" prints, this is the one for lovers, not fighters. (Though why split them up? They look so great together.) Split-fountain flowers and plants (and a bird) over a picture of my own hand. (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Hand!)
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

COSMIC CAT silkscreen print:
An awesome new print for fans of calico cats and/or cat-like SUPER-RELAXATION. Count me as a check-mark in both columns! Just looking at this makes me want to slip on pajamas and eat candy out of a big bowl.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP silkscreen print:
Commissioned for the "Friends & Lovers" exhibition at the Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre, this print combines all the best things that life has to offer (in decending order): 1) Love & Friendship, 1a) Eating Food, 4) Sharing, 5) Good Times, and 6) Little Furry Animals.
[12" x 16"]  ......$30

Inspired by the traditional call-and-response chant of Wisconsin Badgers fans (but also appropriate for unaffiliated people who just like swears and swearing), this shirt might earn you a sock in the eye, but it's probably worth it. [Printed with soft eco-inks for super-comfs comfort.]  ......$25

SLOW JAMZ silkscreen print:
A visual reminder to stay cool. Note: This turtle only has one tape (a beat up Prince cassingle) and nothing breaks his chill. He is basically the coolest guy ever. IKEA-Ribba sized for easy framing.
[16" x 20"]  ......$30

SEE CANADA silkscreen print:
Q: How do you spell "Excellence?" A: Why, C-A-N-LOG-BEAVER-A! Little Friends Air is now offering First Class Jet Service to Canada (or, anyway, that's what this new print-- inspired by screenprinted travel posters of the 1960's-- says)! Available in Nunavut White or Montréal Orange Julep.
[18" x 24"] ......$30 USD
VOIR CANADA sérigraphie:
Q: Comment épelez-vous "Bon?"
lLittle Friends Air offre maintenant un Service de Première Classe Jet au Canada (ou, en tout cas, c'est ce que cette nouvelle impression - inspirée par des affiches de voyage sérigraphiés des 1960's - dit)! Disponible en Nunavut Blanc ou Montréal Orange Julep.
[46 x 61cm] ......$32.67 CDN

FOOSBALL TABLE silkscreen print:
Whether you call it Foosball, or Babyfoot, or Table Football, or Fool's Ballz, or Sticky-Footy-Tablemen, or Armless Spinny-Kicking Box Table, well, anyway, you get the idea. Foosball print!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

Proclaim to the world your membership in The Clean Plate Club with this new shirt honoring excellence in eating. Scare them at the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. 100% cotton, so it doubles as an absorbent napkin. [Discharge-printed for supreme comfy comfort.]  ......$25

OREGON FORESTS silkscreen print:
We've whipped up something special for the LINEWORK PDX conference-- A fully Oregon-ized version of our popular "Wisconsin Forests" print. [18" x 24"]  ......$30

SKULL WORM silkscreen print:
In the second of our ongoing MONSTER MINIS print series, a cute worm has made his home in the eye socket of a pirate skull. AAAAAWWWWWW! So cute.
[12.5" x 12.5"]  ......$30

SORE LOSER silkscreen print:
Our ever-popular "Sore Loser" design, now available as an art print (and in the appropriate colors, too)! Don't just wait 'til next year (ahem), get one today!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

We've adapted our popular "Fresh to Death" print as a cool new shirt! Put it on and announce to the world your unwavering, deathgrip-like commitment to freshness! Death himself, with an ice-cold posse of ghosts, throwing deuces. Pretty cool. [Printed with soft eco-inks for unbeatable comfort.]  ......$25

FOREST FLOOR silkscreen print:
Teeny-tiny mice (and cute ladybugs) scramble for nuts and berries (and, uh, nectar? Is that what ladybugs eat? Google later.) among the giant ferns and flowers of the undergrowth. Super-cute and super-classy, for people who need a little arty classy home-decor-ness mixed in with their cute stuff. Enjoy!
[18" x 18"] ......$30

YEAR OF THE DRAGON silkscreen print:
Celebrate the new year with this fun new print! Pefect for dragon babies, but also appropriate for ratsos, fun buns, tiger babies, oxen, and total boars. [19" x 12.5"]  ......$30

EAT SHIT, FUCK YOU silkscreen print:
This was one of the most popular prints from our show! It just seems to speak to people (even if they're unaware that "ES/FU" is the traditional call-and-response chant of Wisconsin Badgers fans). Hey, Wisconsin is fine and all, but swearing is awesome everywhere and anywhere!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

GREAT SEAL silkscreen print:
This is our re-interpretation of the Great Seal of Wisconsin, which (if you're wondering) features a sailor, a miner, and a ferocious burrowing mammal with terrifying claws (he bites)! We've managed to spruce it up a bit while mainitaining its delightful anachronisms. Forward!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

ALTERNATE STATE MOTTO silkscreen print:
"Forward," the actual Wisconsin state motto, is perfectly fine-- inspiring, even-- but it isn't terribly reflective of the people here or the way we live; Nor is it very helpful or informative to visitors. So: WE FIXED IT! You're welcome, people of Wisconsin; we await your gracious thanks.
[8" x 10"]  ......$20

MORE BADGERS, LESS WEASELS silkscreen print:
Originally distributed as a free printout for protesters to wave about, our "More Badgers, Less Weasels" design is available again as a silkscreen poster, because you asked.
*And yes, grammar grumps, we know you think it should read "fewer weasels." Stop telling us. We get it already.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

MADISON MAFIA silkscreen print:
If you've ever been called part of "The Madison Mafia;" disparaged as a pointy-headed member of the printmaking elite, then you know that it stings! Well, guess what: WE'RE TAKING IT BACK!
Sorry, haters!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

WISCONSIN 99 CENTS silkscreen print:
HEY! There are lots of Wisconsin assets available to cool, fun billionaires at low, low prices-- rivers, lakes, universities, employee pension funds-- you name it! EVERYTHING MUST GO! Inquire at the state house, ask for "Scotty W."
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

POLSKA POWER silkscreen print:
Both a tribute to traditional Polish papercraft and a statement of Polska pride, this print is perfect for craft lovers and Polish-American aesthetes everywhere (but particularly in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, obviously).
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

KEEP MILWAUKEE TIDY silkscreen print:
Let this print be your visual reminder to keep our fair city clean! Who could argue with this cute little guy? Gather up those empty bottles! Sweep up those butts! Hose down that pile of vomit! Pitch out those leftover cheese curds-- You know those aren't good reheated!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

MR. BOTTLE silkscreen print:

Face it! He's an adorable little guy. A bad influence, but adorable.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

MILWAUKEE'S WORST felt mini-pennants:
GEE! Real felt mini-pennants from our LITTLE FRIENDS: MILWAUKEE'S WORST show, available in seventeen different designs! Q: How will anyone know that you've been to Milwaukee if you're not waving around a Milwaukee Smog pennant? How will anyone know your love of the obvious without a pennant that says "Pennant?" It's a question that answers itself: BUY ALL THE PENNANTS.
[10" x 4"]  ......$15

WISCONSIN FORESTS silkscreen print:
Green on green (and on green paper, to boot), this print is our tribute to Wisconsin's vast, wooded wilderness. Getting lost in these woods-- not so bad!
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

VISIT MILWAUKEE silkscreen print:
LOOK! Our classic "Visit Milwaukee" print is back, for all you MIlwaukeeans who were shocked, shocked, SHOCKED that we reprinted "Visit Chicago" and not this guy.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

LITTLE FRIENDS: MILWAUKEE'S WORST, held at Sky High Gallery in conjunction with the 2013 SGCI Conference in Milwaukee, is our tribute to all things Wisconsin. It's a personal history; an interpretation of Wisconsin iconography and motifs, as filtered through the lens of our own experience. The show features 12 new prints (plus two old favorites), a series of wood-mounted monoprints, and a set of silkscreened pennants.

We'll be leaving the state this year, and so MILWAUKEE'S WORST also functions as our goodbye. It's been oddly therapeutic for us to clear the decks of every Wisconsin-themed print idea that had ever occured to us-- to leave nothing unsaid (more or less)-- and to let the opening reception function as a big, public going-away party. If the show seems conflicted in its view of Wisconsin, it's precisely because we're conflicted, about leaving, and about everything. Thanks, everybody.

ART vs. CRAFT 2013 silkscreen poster:
Going out with a bang, our poster for the LAST-EVER Art vs. Craft features a human cannonball, big cats, and acrobats.   [19" x 12.5"]  ......$30 $15.00

GUIDED BY VOICES silkscreen poster:
Enjoy this graphic design lesson; courtesy of The Little Friends: This is a Guided by Voices poster, so we wrote "Guided by Voices" on it REAL BIG. POW! You're welcome, community of designers! And thank you to GBV for being so excellent.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30 $15.00

PATTON OSWALT silkscreen poster:
LITTLE, like the man himself and COLORFUL, like his comic flights of fancy. Put that in your failure bowl and smoke it! Enjoy. 
[19" x 12.5"]  ......$30 $15.00

We did some work this year for Outpost Natural Foods' 40th, culminating in this here print. People kept asking us to make this print available in the store, which surprised us; But if you like looking at it as much as we liked drawing it, then I suppose it makes sense.
[12.5" x 19"] ......$30 $15.00

GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD silkscreen poster:
Originally designed for our PINK BLOOD exhibition in Chicago, this was to be the first of a print series called "Suicided," which we immediately abandoned. Still it's been quite popular, even appearing (to our great shock) in fancy home decor magazines! So there!
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

2014 NCECA CONFERENCE silkscreen poster:
Commissioned by NCECA for their 2014 conference in Milwaukee, our poster is a celebration of all things ceramics; our artists' proofs (exclusively available here) are printed on a very Milwaukee-appropriate cloudy gray paper. Don't slip up! Cast aside all doubt and buy one today! Wheel appreciate it!
[18" x 24"] ......$30 $15.00

LES GEORGES LENINGRAD silkscreen poster:
An epic tour de force of scribbly, stream-of-consciousness illustration! Gleefully profane in all the best ways.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

WOLFMOTHER silkscreen poster:
The retina-searing brightness of this one will warp your mind and burn your eyes out. Under a blacklight, this print might actually cause you to go insane.
[24" x 18"]  ......$30 $15.00

NADA SURF silkscreen poster:
A Nada Surf poster, or an art print called "Halftone Bird-Dracula Gets Struck by Pizza Lightning?" The purple ink here is shiny and pearlescent-- it's very nice, if you're into that sort of thing.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

Little Friends - MAGICAL MISERY TOUR silkscreen poster:
Designed for our MAGICAL MISERY TOUR exhibiton (duh,) in Minneapolis, this was another fun silver, pearlescent black and black on black paper indulgence. It's really quite something.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

WE TRY HARDER silkscreen poster:
Togetherness is where it's at. Let those creepy loners buy that other print. As seen in OneOneNine.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

JUST LIKE BEING THERE silkscreen poster:
Commissioned for a screening at Cinefamily in L.A., this is perhaps the eleventy-billionth silkscreen poster made for Just Like Being There, the best-loved of the poster documentaries. Now, go watch this film on Netflix and please remember that we've lost quite a lot of weight since the filming.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30 $15.00

Little Friends - POSTER CREEPS silkscreen poster:
We sell a lot of these to non-English-speakers. Please don't tell them that the guys on this poster aren't famous American rock stars.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

NERDCORE EURO TOUR silkscreen poster:
Weirdly, we got hired to make a tour poster for a bunch of chiptune artists by Nerdcore, a company that, as far as I can tell, makes softcore pornoz where naked ladies play Nintendo games. Still, a neat print.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

MADISONFEST silkscreen poster:
Our first experiment with using halftone patterns, and we did it on the University of Wisconsin's dime. (Admittedly, not an awesome time to be playing around with new techniques.) Lucky for them (and us), it came out bold and striking. Lots of fun.
[25" x 19"]  ......$30 $15.00

RESCUE PETS WILL LOVE YOU BETTER silkscreen poster: For all those who've opened their homes and their lives to an animal in need and never regretted it (even that one day when they chewed up your shoes and left a surprise on the kitchen floor), this is the poster for you.
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

THE LOVERS silkscreen print:
Commissioned for the terrific "ARCANA" exhibition at Telegraph, "The Lovers" is our interpretation of the classic "Lovers" tarot card. It's cool and fairly understated (quite a change of pace for us!), for the discerning, art-minded print aficionado (such as yourself).
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

VISIT CHICAGO silkscreen print:
FINALLY AVAILABLE AGAIN after years and years and years of people asking for it (really-- you'd think we didn't like selling people prints), our classic "Visit Chicago" print is back, old and slightly improved, in shiny and glamorous metallic black ink.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

ADVANCED WIZARDRY silkscreen print:
ZIP! ZAP! KAZOOWIEE! Six colors and mega-detail (and metallic inks!) make this a must-get. IKEA-Ribba sized for easy framing. WINGARDIA LEVIOSA! POOF!
[16" x 20"]  ......$30

RIDE ON Scout Book:
Cats, bears, and ladybugs get their Critical Mass on in this new blank notebook from Little Friends & Scout Books. These tough little bicycle-themed notebooks are absolutely perfect for cyclists taking notes on the go. Beautifully offset-printed in three rich spot colors and covered with a brand new Little Friends design.  ......$5

I, WHO CONQUERED EVEREST silkscreen print:
Commissioned for the "Mr. Show Show" at Meltdown Comics, this print is our loving tribute to one of the best (and most gratuitously repetitive) routines in sketch comedy history, The Story of The Story of The Story of Everest. Our intrepid explorer is haunted (in a layer of tinted varnish) by that time he knocked over all the thimbles. Whatta Boob!
[18" x 24"]  ......$30

BLUSH silkscreen print:
One of our most popular illustrations EVER, finally available as a silkscreen print! They said it couldn't be done! (OK, we said it couldn't be done. But we changed our minds.) And now, after EIGHT colors and countless hours of printing, it's done and it's fantastic. Get it while you can!
[19" x 25"]  ......$40

40 UNDER 40: CRAFT FUTURES silkscreen poster:
Commissioned by the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum
(I know, right?!) for their new "40 Under 40: Craft Futures" exhibition, this poster is a celebration of all things craft.
[19" x 25"]  ......$30

All prints and posters are shipped in a mylar sleeve and a heavy-duty mailing tube.
Shipments are made each week on Saturday (excluding federal holidays).
All US orders are shipped first-class mail. International orders are shipped via air mail.
Expedited shipping or In-Store Pick-Up are available upon request.
Please Note:
All prints and posters are hand-printed, limited-edition silkscreens (unless otherwise noted).
Owing to the process, each print is unique; and so they may exhibit some degree of variation.
Prints are, after all, made of paper, so please use caution when removing prints from a tube.
I Bought One of These, Now How Do I Hang It?
The easiest method of hanging a print is just to use bulldog clips and finishing nails. Alternatively, you could float it between 2 sheets of plexiglas, or use Posterhangers, or stretch a cable across your wall and hang up a bunch of different prints with clips (switching them out whenever you like).
Prints and posters will live a lot longer if you display them away from direct sunlight.